Dec 22, 2011

Two Minute Case for Ron Paul

This is an excellent video by Tom Woods for Ron Paul.  I think he puts it very well:

@ 0:13
"...and he's opposed every bailout- every time.  The other major Republican candidates were all in favor of TARP- which means that when the chips are down, they are going to side with the establishment against you."

@ 0:30
"In 2001, he predicted the financial crisis of 2008- to a T.  We need somebody like this- with his intelligence and insight- to navigate us through a world historic moment like this- not some "empty suit" repeating talking points from 1983."

@ 1:07
"We've been duped into supporting a foreign policy that no "real" Republican worth his salt should be supporting- it's bankrupting the country, and obviously diminishing our strategic position.  And, that's why Ron Paul gets more donations from active duty military than all other Republican candidates combined."

I liked it!

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