Dec 5, 2011


Hold on guys...I think we forgot to recite 
the Pledge of Allegiance

I have watched a few documentary films on the Iran/Contra affair recently.  As I was born in 1980, this was all being brought to public light when I was just a small child.  In light of the activities the government was engaging in, it surprises me that more of the people from my parents generation are not completely and totally suspicious of all of our "foreign policy" programs.

These unscrupulous and illegal activities are all based on the "National Security Act of 1947 (NSA'47), which established the National Security Counsel and the Central Intelligence Agency.  Both of these organizations- while intended to be a buffer against foreign threats- have caused incredible havoc on other nations.  When the government pursues such a course, it (predictably) causes what the CIA calls "blowback" or retaliation.

Just supporting my country...

In these documentaries, various people- mostly Oliver North- proudly justified blatant illegal activities such as drug running, arms running, circumventing and lying to Congress as a defense of our nation against the "Communist Threat."  This, of course, all goes back to NSA'47- and the priority of "national defense."  Does this make our drug addicts de facto Super Patriots?

The Secret Government- Bill Moyers PBS
The Iran/Contra Coverup

There is a third documentary I would like to watch called The Clinton Chronicals, which is supposed to be about the connection of former President Bill Clinton, and his role in the affair.  I have yet to watch it, and will post an update when I get a chance to view it.

Thanks to Charles Burris who's post on Lew Rockwell's site inspired the interest in this subject for me.

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