Apr 29, 2013

Neo-Con Slamma Jamma

This article by Tom DiLorenzo is a hearty rebuff of the idea that if you critizize the state for the blowback that predictably comes with meddling in the buisiness of other nations, you are blaming "America" for the results.

--Source LRC

Apr 24, 2013

Human Action/Top Daily Articles

I am starting a book by Ludwig von Mises entitled, Human Action.  So far, I am feeling very fond of my search engine (i.e. dictionary), as this book is full of many words I have not ever heard!  I will post updates as I go along.

I am also trying to figure out how I am organizing the blog.  I think I will make a top 5 list every day, or perhaps once a week...we'll see how much time I have!  For now, here's a top 3 for today:

FBI and Tsarneav: What Did They Know and When Did They Know it?

What’s Bad About a House-to-House Search?

Why Libertarianism is so Dangerous


Apr 15, 2013


Hello all!

I am finally pulling the trigger on something I have wanted to do for months!  Relaunching Liberty Study!  Woo hoo!  Sorry for the delay, it is not for lack of subject matter- but for lack of time, mostly!  However, I am dedicating myself to getting back in the business of logging my progress through this philosophical journey...

I have tried to cover a wide variety of subjects- such as, war, internet censorship, sound currency, unsound currency, food, scandal, and others- but this is merely a reflection of what others bring to me everyday!  I want to thank LewRockwell.com, TomWoods.com, and Mises.org for all they have done to illuminate various issues in ways that others fall short.

So, look forward for more to come!