Oct 5, 2011

Why is this topic important to me? -Part 1

First, a little background on myself...

My interest in social issues started about as soon as I realized there are other things in the world than nintendo, baseball, and yes, even playing war with sticks.  I didn't know it at the time, perhaps, but I began to value those around me and the interactions we all shared more than the bizarre rituals we were engaging in.

As I grew older I had a chance to participate in the wonderful world of high school policy debate.  This was a chance to dig deeper, and learn quite a bit about different political positions.  It was also a game that sometimes could be won not on the merits of your argument, but on your presentation and depth of evidence.  This taught me quite a bit about how easily people can be persuaded about issues they know nothing or little about.

As I became a young adult, I had the chance to hear many different (more learned) perspectives on the way the world ought to work.  Some of these positions opened my mind to new possibilities, but none like the attacks of September 11, 2001.  At the time, I was just about to become a fully legal adult.  I can remember thinking, "I can't believe we have been attacked!"  And I also remember, "This will change everything..."  At the time, I didn't really know what that meant.  I wonder if it was just youthful ignorance or if others were just as out of touch with the principles "everything" refers to...

Somewhere along the line, I watched a documentary called "Loose Change."  Then I tried to get my hands on anything related to those attacks.  Every where I turned, there seemed to be credible evidence that this attack was an inside job.  Also, it seemed to be a "false flag" operation designed to put in place policy goals that were advocated by very powerful and influential organizations and interests within and outside the government.

This was a turning point in my understanding of what a government is capable of, and ignited a desire to figure out not how the world should work, but how it really does!

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