Oct 25, 2011

Raw Milk Renegades

Milk comes from this.

Check out this press release  from the Weston A Price Foundation:


In response to the recent raids and armed assaults on our wonderful farmers, a group of raw milk activist has come together to create the Raw Milk Freedom Riders!  On November 1, a caravan of mothers will drive to Pennsylvania, legally acquire raw milk, and return to Maryland with our milk--to the FDA headquarters in Silver Spring-- where we will distribute raw milk to our families.

Now is YOUR opportunity to be one of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders!

We need a few more brave mothers who can ride in the caravan across state lines with raw milk.  There is some, though minimal, risk involved in this so please be willing to take some risk if you want this amazing opportunity to be in the caravan.

The caravan of mothers will include embedded reporters to broadcast what we are doing and why—to shed light on the FDA’s violent and failing policies.  We have also informed the FDA of our intentions and have invited them to the party.  Whether or not they show, it will be very interesting.

Food freedom heroes Joel Salatin, Kristin Canty, Max Kane, David Gumpert, Mark McAfee and many others dedicated to raw milk freedom and food freedom will join us for a rally and peaceful demonstration at the FDA headquarters.

We have asked the FDA repeatedly for dialogue.  They have refused.  Their only response is guns on our farms and economically destroying our farmers and buying clubs.  It is time to challenge them on the law that turns mothers into criminals for bringing raw milk home to their families if it involves crossing state lines.

If you are interested in being one of our freedom riders, please contact Liz Reitzig LizReitzig@gmail.com

We welcome EVERYONE to join us at the rally and make a HUGE statement to the FDA on our support for food freedom!  Any questions, please email FarmFoodFreedom@yahoo.com

It is so funny, I have been writing about the milkman for a few days now, and then this!

The FDA enforces regulations regarding pasteurization that effectively have rendered our milk nutritionally impotent.  This process destroys living enzymes which are key to absorption of nutrients, and preventing an allergic reaction from our bodies.  Why would the producers of milk do such a thing?

Working in a grocery store, I have gained a unique perspective about this subject.  We have two types of milk: pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized.  The "ultra" has a much longer shelf life (up to 1 1/2 months), so it is much preferred for a store who doesn't want product that is constantly expiring.  (The pasteurized milk we get can range anywhere from 1 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks.)

Pasteurization is preferred by the industry in general because the process allows a much greater room for error in the production process and eventually all the way to the store shelves.  The fact the product doesn't deliver to the consumer the essential vitamins and nutrients and makes some sick matters not!  For the industry, this fight is about protecting against loss due to spoilage.

The blunt tool used to force consumers to drink pasteurized milk legally or criminally consume raw milk, is the State.  Those standing up to protest this ridiculous rule are fighting for the simple ability to eat and drink whatever we choose.  At the same time, they are standing up for the right for small producers to market products to their customers.  The gallantry shown by these self-proclaimed "moms" for facing the State- in all of its consumer crushing, farm raiding glory  horror- is to be commended.

Good luck to them.

Raw Milk Freedom Riders

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  1. This is something that I never would have thought to be an issue-unbelievable actually.....More power to that group of people....I say good luck to them as well. Don't know what the odds are of them succeeding but I commend them for at LEAST standing up to the FDA and trying to institute a change.