Oct 7, 2011

Get Money Out of Government

I agree completely...now let's get real!

An interesting theme has emerged from the recent "Occupy (insert place here)" events happening across the country right now.  It is "Get Money Out of Government!"  I submit the only path to liberty is by engaging upon this pursuit until there is not a dollar left in that wicked institution.  Many of the bourgeoisie would surely sigh at this notion, and I am sure the folks who put this together may need a fainting couch:

This is the problem:  The nationalistic, chicken-hawk, warmongering neocons insist on global domination; the anti-humanist posers for the poor proggers insist on a "safety net" that relies on coercion and fosters dependency.  Both have violated not only the "Golden Rule," but economic reality to the point we are as a society bankrupt morally and fiscally, and both use nationalistic fervor to legitimize their agendas.  Indeed, "American exceptionalism" is the most dangerous notion people in our society and certainly the people of the world have ever faced.

The major tool- the blunt instrument used to extract these fundamental moral and physical assets held by our society- is the State.  There is no way to force a stinky hippie to agree to war just as you will never convince some bible-thumper that giving a man a fish today will result in him doing anything other than expecting another handout tomorrow.  Without an institution that has perceived legitimacy and moral authority, there cannot exist the "bi-partisanship" that leads society into that inevitable compromise upon compromise we have all become so accustom to.

This institution in our current scenario is not government per se, rather a collusion of government and cartel central banking via the Federal Reserve.  The government alone could never tax enough or print enough money to pursue the various missions of the sociopaths, and avoids the hurdle of revolution by taking loans from the "untouchable" enabler.  This alliance is "the State" as we know it for the past century, an endowment of human oppression so vast as to boggle the mind.  

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