Oct 27, 2014

Cannabis a Treatment for Ebola?

David B. Allen, M.D. thinks so.  See:

CBD Protective Against Ebola Virus

"In Summation; The US Patents prove down regulation of the immune system by cannabinoids may be a key in survival of HIV and may indeed translate into survival for Ebola patients. The direct Killing or Cidal effect of Cannabinoids is proven in HIV infections,(4) but not yet in Ebola. Inhibition of VEGF is crucial to prevent endothelial leakage and haemorrhage.

Because cannabis is so very safe especially under doctor supervision, I believe it is crucial for the medical community to start human trials on survivability of Ebola infected patients regardless of the political restraints."

Unfortunately, (as The Jewish Libertarian points out) this possible treatment for Ebola is not and will not be pursued under the current regime, as Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I narcotic by the United States Government (USG):

"There is indirect evidence that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, help treat Ebola by calming the immune system which overreacts to the virus, causing internal bleeding and death.

But since marijuana is a schedule 1 drug with no health benefits WHATSOEVER according to a group of politicians who have no medical expertise WHATSOEVER, it’s illegal, so all Ebola victims can bleed to death for all they care."

(h/t The Jewish Libertarian)

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