Jul 14, 2013

With or Without You

For those who believe that without the State, there would be people dying in the streets- I offer the following story...

A co-worker at the local business was riding his bicycle to work the other day, when a car pulled out in front of him.  He had very little time to hit the brakes and slammed right into the side of the car, landing on top of his bike.  Of course, someone called an ambulance, but my co-worker refused the ride (although I cannot be sure of this, I wonder if he was trying to avoid the outrageous price).  Interestingly, anyone can call an ambulance for you, even without your permission- and they don't get the bill!  Suddenly, you find yourself being persuaded that it is a good idea to get in and take a ride "for your safety."  Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to think for himself.  He ended up walking his bike to work...

When he arrived at work, he was in obvious pain.  As word spread about what had happened, the owners eventually found out- and insisted on taking him to go to the hospital.  He found out that he had a deep bruise on his shoulder, but that he was going to be okay.

Now, can you imagine if my co-worker had instead ridden in the ambulance?  Perhaps it seemed like a reasonable thing to do after such a crash, but it would have been very costly for something that is truly not life threatening.  About a week later, he is doing fine, and I am sure he is glad to have avoided the bill he would have received for such nonsense treatment.

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