Nov 2, 2011

Tyranny Watch

I found this interview of Lew Rockwell by Judge Nepalatano of Fox's "Freedom Watch" to be very interesting:

I like how Lew puts it at the end:

@ 3:48
"We have to educate ourselves.  We have to understand what our freedoms are, who are enemies are- and it's not some guy in Yemen.  The enemy is in Washington, D.C. and in every other capital- state capital, local government office building- that's where the enemy is.  Those are the people that want to take away our freedoms, are taking away all our freedoms, taking all our money, too."

What starts as an examination of the new drone helicopter recently purchased by a police department near Houston quickly becomes a critique of the function of the State.  Why do our police departments have S.W.A.T. teams that include tanks, armored vehichles, and now drones?  And, why on earth are we giving police departments federal grants to seemingly prepare for war?

The point Lew brings up that is crucial to understand-  is that with the passage of the Patriot Act, the rule of law is out the window.  President Obama's recent state-sanctioned killing sprees prove that being from the United States is irrelevant.  Don't expect a day in court, or even a charge.  One day you will be just walking along and ZAP!

Consider the son of Al-Awlaki, a 16 year old boy who had an unfortunate last name, but has never been proven to have done anything to threaten or harm Americans.  Even if he had, who are we to treat these kids worse than Nazis- who were indeed executed, but at least given their day in court?  Terrorism is a totally vague term in today's context, an open book utilized by the State to justify endless rights abuses, violence, and destruction.  Obama didn't just murder a few kids that day, he reiterated that the State is above the Rule of Law.

Perhaps we should revisit what terrorism actually is- the use of violence to achieve political objectives.  An honest evaluation of the actions of the State will reveal who the real propagators of terror are.  The terrorists are the people who feed us the hype about the "bad man" with one hand, as they take away freedom with the other.  Only when we face this truth, will we regain the liberty and human dignity these governments have taken from us.  And, only then, can we have a serious prospect of peace.

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